Office Rental – Private Room Shared Office in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Office for Rent in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

If you’re planning to set up your company with a team of 1-4 people and need to rent a shared office space, a startup office, a SOHO office, a small office, a serviced office/virtual office (with a difference) within Kuala Lumpur, do check out our office suites and rental rates.

Why Rent Office With Us?

Reasonably Rental
Our rental rates are definitely not the cheapest in town but also far from being expensive comparing to full fledge service office in the golden triangle and the ones in high rise Menaras, Wismas and Towers.

Spacious Rooms
Our office rooms are reasonability size for people who can actually do real work. We do not make as many rooms as possible to maximize profits. We believe if customers are going to work like pack sardines, it is better that they work at home.

Entire Room Exclusively for your Company
We believe it is not very feasible and practical to do real work in a room sharing environment occupying just workstations with people from other companies. When you rent your office space with us, you get the whole room all by yourself. How many people do you like to allocate in the room. How you want to decorate it. It is entirely up to you.

Generous Common Area Size
Space outside of your business room may or may not be important to you, but we believe a reasonable size of the common area makes working more enjoyable. It is not very nice to walk out of your room seeing just several feet walkways.

Windows Views in Every Room
Yes, we make sure every room has great window views. Real window views that you can actually see what is happening out there, not in the office. Let some fresh air and sunshine go into your room to brighten up your work days. Business room is not supposed to be like a box up cell.

Real Privacy
Unlike some companies who turned unutilized areas into rooms for making rental income, our office rooms are fully dedicated only for business room’s users. We do not operate in this office. We understand when you come to work; the last thing you want to see is us.

Believable Office
Some companies choose us because we’re located at a place that is believable and trustable by their clients. How many times did you pick up a business card and you can see right through that they are just renting a mailbox with some prestigious looking address?

Easy Accessibility
Bukit Jalil is easily access using Kesas, Sungai Besi, Serdang Puchong, LDP and KL-Putrajaya highway.

Dedicated to Real Businesses
Our office caters for people who are running real businesses. That is why we do not provide services like address rental, mail box rental, phone pick up/divert, cubicles or workstations rentals, shared room rental, etc.

Complimentary Use of Basic Facilities
Free Wi-Fi, free receiving and sending faxes, free in-coming and out going calls, regular cleanings, microwave oven, fridge, LCD TV, access to mailbox, security camera, access cards, your company name display, hot and cold drinks, etc.

Low Business Setup Cost
As we all know a minimum of RM50,000.00 is required for a basic presentable office setup including security deposits, utilities deposits, legal fees, lines connection, basic renovations, office furnishings, electricity works, workstations, etc. Aside from your rental expenses, other recurring running expenses include electricity, water, internet, phone & fax, maintenance and repair, parking, drinking water, cleaning, etc. We help you keep everything low.

Zero Hidden Cost
Yes, absolutely nothing else to pay us except your monthly rental.

Boutique Office is a working environment where different business owners share a unique working environment while maintaining individual privacy. Especially for start-up entrepreneurs, small regional offices, and companies with fewer personnel, this office might just be what you need.

Renting your Boutique Office is simple. We only have 9 Business Rooms. Just pick the one that suits you, we give you the keys and you go to work just like your own real office.

This is NOT a serviced office, virtual office, or instant office.