Rooms Availability and Rental Rates

Business Office Rooms Rental Availability and Rates in Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Jalil

Room 1-3 (1 Person Room)
These budget suites are planned for individuals who require a simple office that meets budget. All rooms come with windows view. (see room)

Room 4 (1-2 Person Room)
For individuals who need space and privacy, this room will suite your needs. This corner room is longer in size and comes with a pleasant window view. Creative individuals can make this a nice studio suite. (see room)

Room 5-6 (1-2 Person Room)
The executive room! Well balanced size with great window view. This simple rectangular office makes space planning incredibly easy. (see room)

Room 7 (2-3 Person Room)
Reasonable sized from for 2-3 person. Aside from the full windows view, you can access the round shaped balcony directly from your office. Taking a break is easy. (see room)

Room 8 (1-2 Person Room)
This room is really special. This unique room has full uninterrupted windows view. With some careful planning, you will surely love this room. (see room)

Room 9 (3-4 Person)
For the bigger teams! This workplace can holds 3-4 people. If you have friends and associates who enjoy working together, you can always get them over and share the bills. It saves lots of money. (see room)

Room 1 – Occupied
Room 2 – Occupied
Room 3 – Available @ RM700/Month
Room 4 – Available @ RM900/Month
Room 5 – Occupied
Room 6 – Occupied
Room 7 – Occupied
Room 8 – Occupied
Room 9 – Occupied

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